Castaways Repertory Theatre (CRT) Officers and Chairs
For 2018-2019 season:

Contact Via Phone: Call 703-232-1710
Ext 1-Ticket reservations, Ext 2-General/Secretary, Ext 3-Finance

President: Tim Macdonald

Vice President: Samantha Franklin

Recording/Corresponding Secretory: Kathy Sahlberg

Membership: Kathy Sahlberg

Treasurer/Finance: Michelle Macdonald

Facilities: Kathi Tyrrell

Publicity: Jen Campbell

Artistic Director and Play Selection: Zina Bleck

Technical Director: Dale Carlsen

Marketing: Kevin Seiger-Cottoms

NVTA Representative: Zina Bleck

WATCH Representative: Zena Bleck

Arts Council Representative: Kathy Gurchiek

CRT Web Master: Dale Carlsen


Date published: August 27, 2018