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The Castaways Repertory Theatre is a volunteer organization, a member of the Prince William County Arts Council, NVTA (formerly the Northern Virginia Theatre Alliance) and WATCH (the Washington Area Theatre Community Honors).  Castaways  is a community theatre, there is no pay involved.  Partial funding is provided by a grant from Prince William County.


We do color-, gender-, and age-blind casting. The actor’s abilities are more important than their race, gender, and age for every role in the show. The only exception is when children are required or where historical accuracy or traditional roles outweigh blind casting. Both seasoned actors and first timers are encouraged to audition.


Fall 2018 Theater


A Contemporary Fantasy in Two Acts


By Jean Giraudoux
Adapted by Maurice Valency

Director Harry Kantrovich
Producer – Samantha Franklin

Any questions email to:

Ages – Highschool and older
Thursday, July 12th: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Saturday, July 14th: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Tuesday,  July 17th: Callbacks by invitation 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Auditions will consist of monologue and cold reading.

The Madwoman of Chaillot Plot:

The play is set in the cafe “Chez Francis” in the Place de l’Alma in the Chaillot district of Paris. A group of corrupt corporate executives are meeting. They include the Prospector, the President, the Broker and the Baron, and they are planning to dig up Paris to get at the oil which they believe lies beneath its streets. Their nefarious plans come to the attention of Countess Aurelia, the benignly eccentric madwoman of the title. She is an aging idealist who sees the world as happy and beautiful. But, advised by her associate, the Ragpicker, who is a bit more worldly than the Countess, she soon comes to realize that the world might well be ruined by these evil men, men who seek only wealth and power. These people have taken over Paris.

Aurelia resolves to fight back and rescue humanity from the scheming and corrupt developers. From the Sewerman she learns the secret of her cellar, then enlists the help of her fellow outcasts: the Street Singer, the Ragpicker, the Sewer Man, the Flower Girl, the Sergeant, and various other oddballs and dreamers. These include her fellow madwomen: the acidic Constance, the girlish Gabrielle, and the ethereal Josephine. In a tea party every bit as mad as a scene from Alice in Wonderland, they put the “wreckers of the world’s joy” on trial by proxy. Naturally the Countess wins the case and in the end condemns them to banishment—or perhaps, death. One by one the greedy businessmen are lured by the smell of oil to a bottomless pit from which they will (presumably) never return. Thus a madwoman restores joy to the world in one short afternoon.

Character Breakdown, 34 roles (All ethnicities will be considered for each role):

The Sergeant – a stolid, plodding, but good man much harassed by the Countess in his efforts to please her.
The Prospector – a slightly demented, but shrewd man; totally devoted to his work; much honored among his people (the evil ones) because he is usually the source of more money.
Therese and Paulette – shop girls on a holiday and making an adventure of it.
Customer – a fledgling artist who is drowning his latest love disappointment in absinthe.
Waiter – an independent soul, proud of his café kingdom, and considerate of the Countess.
Little Man – a pathetic little creature eager for security.
President – obnoxiously pompous; very pleased with himself; cowardly; opportunist; ostentatiously proper while highly illegal.
Baron – a weak man who is strong enough not to excuse his weakness. He sells his name for the girls.
Street Singer – persistent soul who goes happily on his way.
Flower Girl – young girl who is allowed to use the cafe as a base of operations; sweet, innocent.
Ragpicker – knight of the garbage pail; man who chose his way of life; bentle, witty, and articulate.
Shoe Lace Peddler – happy little creature enjoying life.
Deaf-Mute – a strange one who knows things by unknown means; a bit of an evangelist; devoted to Irma.
Irma – sensitive, sweet ingenue, wise yet innocent; loves Pierre
Broker – perfect yes man; fussy, almost effeminate.
Street-Vendor – saucy little tart who enjoys being bold.
Dr. Jadin – the good doctor is a little shady; a con man within the law’s limits.
Countess – delightful maiden lady; dignified, charming and philanthropic; wise and crazy; sensible and senseless, but lovable throughout.
Doorman – simple creature, devoted to booking and the Countess.
Policeman  – a perfect Pharisee; the letter of the laws, not the spirit.
Pierre – a nice guy in a jam.
Sewer Man – verbose, hearty successful man.
Constance – unhappy woman, given to airs; always takes the opposite point of view as a matter of principle; always fights with the Countess.
Gabrielle – not quite of this world but in contact; men are an obsession, as is her virginity.
Josephine – a domineering, didactic old woman who undoubtedly would be president of the Women’s Temperence Union if she were insane.

The Presidents,
The Prospectors,
The Press Agents,
The Ladies – all symbols of evil, greed, not really characters.

Back stage opportunities: We are also looking for volunteers to be our stage crew. Adults and children (10-18) are welcome. Please message if you or your child is interested.

Rehearsals: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings plus Saturday afternoons

Mainstage* Performances: Sep 21, 22, 28, 29, Oct 5 and 6 at 8:00 pm
Sep 23, 29 and 7 at 2:00 pm


If you have any questions or would like to volunteer and help out in any capacity (training is available), please email  the Show Director at the email address above or email or call the Castaways number 703-232-1710.

Rehearsals: Ferlazzo Building, Woodbridge.

• Rehearsals Schedules will be based on cast availability. Actors are called only when needed.
• Dates may be subject to change according to Weather, Space Availability, Etc.
• Any conflicts not listed after final production schedule has been developed is on the actor/actress to resolve; otherwise attendance is still required.
• Closed Rehearsals:  Cast, Crew, and Production Staff Only. No guests allowed without Director authorization.

Note: Rehearsal dates may be subject to change. Keep checking this page and/or Facebook Specific Production cast page for more specific information as the audition date approaches.

*Ferlazzo Mainstage Location Map and Directions: Please see Directions under the “Productions” tab above.


Volunteer Opportunities: If you are not interested in acting, we are always looking for technical help, skilled and unskilled; training will be provided. Persons interested in helping should contact the director.

For every production we need Audition Staffing, Producer, Stage Manager, Lighting Designer, Sound Designer, Set Designer/Construction, and Props.


We welcome all interested participants into our membership.

Technically experienced or willing to learn, we can hook you up!

Interested in doing or learning about design, stage management, directing, crew, front of house or other areas of our organization?

Interested in working on the technical side of one of our productions this season?
Please contact our technical director:

We require everyone that is cast in, or working on our productions, join as members. Please contact our membership chair: (See Membership page.)

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This local community theater is known for such productions as Fiddler on the Roof, Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest, The Great Gatsby, Godspell, My Fair Lady, The Miracle Worker, South Pacific, Hello Dolly, Raisin In The Sun, The Music Man, the Neil Simon comedy Barefoot in the Park, and Shakespeare’s Macbeth, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Taming of the Shrew, and Romeo and Juliet.

Date published: July 17, 2018