Current Cast and Crew


The Cast by Character and Name:
Leonato – Walter Stewart
Messenger – Natalya Morales
Beatrice – Lindsey Capuno
Hero – Hannah Brown
Don Pedro – Ed Johnson
Benedick – Ryan Lahey
Don John – Liam Allee
Claudio – Edgar Zayas
Conrade – Paul Jago
Borachio – Bryan Meyer
Antonio – Eric Trumbull
Balthazar – Paul Spyros
Margaret – Hayley Katarina
Ursula – Jill Jago
Boy – Jarren Swope
Verges – David Stewart
Dogberry – Zachary Thaler
Watchman – Courtney Petko
1st Watch – Natalya Morales
2nd Watch – Bobbie Patton
Friar Francis – David Stewart
Sexton – Heather Gable
Lord/Lady – Heather Gable

Naomi McMillan
Arianna Stacy
Jarren Swope
Paul Spyros
Heather Gable
Eric Trumbull
Courtney Petko
Natalya Morales
Bobbie Patton

Director and Producer: Hannah Butler
Stage Managers: Tyler Teague and Francesca Cesaro
Lighting Designer: Peter Ponzini
Light Board Operator:
Sound Designer:
Sound Board Operator:
Set Design:
Set Construction: Lead –
Support –
Production Assistants:
Hair and Make-up: Hannah Butler and Cast
Backstage Crew: Cast
Publicity: Jen Campbell, Kevin Seiger-Cottoms
Program: Jen Campbell
Front of House Manager: Kathy Sahlberg
Front of House Crew: CRT Member Volunteers
Set Load-In Crew: Cast and Crew
Facilities Coordinator: Kathi Tyrrell
Webmaster: Dale Carlsen

Thanks to all who contribute to the success of this production

Date published: December 7, 2018