Current Cast and Crew


The Cast by Name and Character :
Claudine Andola – Police Woman/Little Person
Brenda Brummer- Broker
Nancy Cahill – Countess Aurelia
Journey Cole – Flower Girl/Street Singer
Jan Dylewski – Josephine
Becky Farris – Gabrielle
Jill Jago – Waiter
Kieran Weldon – Pierre
Rachel Johnston – Deaf Mute
Dee M’Collum – President
Ed Johnson – Prospector
Courtney Petko – Irma
Walter Stewart – Dr. Jadin
Eric Trumbull – Ragpicker/Sewer Man
Sallie Willows – Baroness
Denise Wilson -Morgan- Constance
Wendy Labenow – Peddler/Doorkeeper

Director: Harry Kantrovich
Producer: Samantha Franklin
Co-Producer: Zina Bleck
Assistant Director:  Samantha Franklin
Stage Manager:  Lisa Stewart
Lighting Designer:  Lisa Stewart
Light Board Operator:  Lisa Stewart
Sound Designer:  Walter Stewart
Sound Board Operator:  Lisa Stewart
Production Assistants:  Anna Johnston, Rachel Johnston
Costumes:  Pat Jannell
Props:  Pat Jannell
Hair & Make-up:  Cast
Backstage Crew:  Cast
Publicity: Jen Campbell, Kevin Seiger-Cottoms, Louis Dennis, Lance Lyngar
Program: Jen Campbell
Front of House Manager: Kathy Sahlberg
Front of House Crew: CRT Member Volunteers
Set Load-In Crew: Cast and Crew
Facilities Coordinator: Julie Little
Webmaster: Dale Carlsen



Thanks to all who contributed to the success of this production

Date published: September 9, 2018