Current Cast and Crew

Seussical Complete

The Cast by Character and Name:
Ainsley McNatt – Bird Girl
Chloe Benoit – Bird Girl
Clara Bee – Bird Girl
Madeline Kamb – Bird Girl
Rachel Morris – Bird Girl
Courtney Pelko – Bird Girl and Who, Fish
Garret Willis – Cat in the Hat
Jim Mitchell – Cat in the Hat
Andrew Morin – Who, General and Yertle theTurtle
Hannah Butler – Gertrude
Samantha Franklin – Gertrude
Claire Duffy – Grinch
Joe Nowalk – Horton
Scott Morgan – Horton
Ethan Wildgen – JoJo
Lisa Arnold – JoJo
Jen Drake – Mayzie
Chris Gray – Mr. Mayor
Nora Zanger – Mrs. Mayor
Ari Romero – Nool
Lyric Romero – Nool
Moriah Groff – Nool
Esther Harnandez – Nool
Hannah Hameedi – Nool and Elephant Bird
Molly Duffy – Nool and Elephant Bird
Jenn Dinizio – Nool and Vlad
Ahryel Tinker – Sour Kangaroo
Kiara Grover – Sour Kangaroo
Aiden McDonald – Thing 1
Christiana Berg – Thing 2
Emily Stacy – Who, Cadette
Evelyn Mervick – Who, Cadette
Samuel Hameedi – Who, Cadette
Zachary Hameedi – Who, Cadette
Zachary Kiffer – Who, Cadette
Arianna Stacy – Who, Fish
Mckenzie Blair – Who, Fish
Neha Ehtasham – Who, Fish
Jackson Berg – Wickersham
Jarren Swope – Wickersham
Aspen Romero – Wickersham
Kevin Hernandez – Wickersham
Michelle Knight – Wickersham
Skylar Ash – Wickersham
Rachel Johnston – Young Kangaroo

Director: Zina Bleck
Ass’t Director:
Stage Manager:
Lighting Designer:
Light Board Operators:
Sound Designer:
Sound Board Operator:
Set Design:
Set Construction: Lead –
Construction Support – The Cast
Set Painters: TBD, The Cast
Set Dressing:
Production Assistants:
Ass’t Costume Mistress:
Hair and Make-up:
Backstage Crew: Cast
Publicity: Jen Campbell, Kevin Seiger-Cottoms
Program: Jen Campbell
Front of House Manager: Kathy Sahlberg
Front of House Crew: CRT Member Volunteers
Set Load-In Crew: Dale Carlsen, The Cast
Facilities Coordinator: Kathi Tyrrell
Webmaster: Dale Carlsen

Thanks to all who contribute to the success of this production

Date published: March 12, 2019