Current Cast and Crew


Castaways Repertory Theater proudly presents the cast and crew of  “I Hate Hamlet


The Cast by Character and Name In Order of Appearance:
Felicia Dantine: Nina Koziuk
Andrew Rally: Scott Morgan
Deirdre McDavey: Courtney Petko
Lillian Troy: Terri Ritchey
John Barrymore: Walt Stewart
Gary Peter Lefkowitz: Ed Johnson

Director/Producer: Sally Willows
Stage Manager: Kiana Roseboro
Lighting Design: Rachel Johnston and Lisa Stewart
Light Board Operator: Rachel Johnston
Sound Design: Lisa Stewart
Sound Board Operator: Caleigh Waddell
Set Design: Lisa Stewart
Set Construction: The Cast
Fight Choreographer: Leland Shook
Set Painting: Anna Johnston
Set Decoration/Dressing: Mona Kay Helper
Properties: Kathi Tyrell
Costumes: The Cast
Hair and Make-up:  The Cast
Publicity: Lucas Berg, Kevin Seiger-Cottoms
Marketing: Sita and Marcos Romero
Photographs: Stephen Rummel,,
Program: Lucas Berg
Front of House Manager: Kathy Sahlberg
Front of House Crew: CRT Member Volunteers
Set Load-In Crew: The Cast
Facilities Coordinator: Kathi Tyrrell
Webmaster: Dale Carlsen

Thanks to all who contribute to the success of this production



Date published: December 29, 2019