Current Cast and Crew


Castaways Repertory Theater proudly presents the cast of Agatha Christie’s “Murder On The Nile


The Cast by Character and Name:

Beadseller 1: Paul Jago
Beadseller 2/Police Officer: Anand Tripathi
Steward: Jared Dent
Miss Ffoliot-ffoulkes: Deborah Curtis
Christina Grant: Jennifer Levine
Smith: Michael Harper
Louise: Lexy Knott
Dr. Bessner: Robert Mourad
Kay Mostyn: Jasmine Clark
Simon Mostyn: Kieran Weldon
Canon Pennefather: Eric Trumbull
Jacqueline de Severac: Kiara Grover
Captain McNaught: Bob Cohen

Director/Producer: Jill Jago
Stage Manager: Tyler Treague
Lighting Designer: Dale Carlsen
Light Board Operators:
Sound Design: 
Sound Board Operator: 
Set Design: Jill Jago
Set Construction Lead: 
Construction Support:  Dale Carlsen
Set Painting: Jill Jago, 
Set Decoration/Dressing: 
Hair and Make-up:  The Cast
Publicity: Lucas Berg, Kevin Seiger-Cottoms
Marketing: Sita and Marcos Romero
Photographs: Stephen Rummel,,
Program: Lucas Berg
Front of House Manager: Kathy Sahlberg
Front of House Crew: CRT Member Volunteers
Set Load-In Crew: Dale Carlsen, The Cast
Facilities Coordinator: Kathi Tyrrell
Webmaster: Dale Carlsen

Thanks to all who contribute to the success of this production


Date published: August 27, 2019