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Since 1981 — Castaways celebrates our 34th season.

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Our Fall Mainstage production at the Ferlazzo will be:

Midsummer for Website

 A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Directed by  Leslie Ann Ross

Performance Dates:  Oct 24 and 25, Oct 31 and Nov 1,  Nov 7 and 8, 8 pm;
Oct 26, and Nov 9 at 1:00 pm

General Admission $14 (Matinee $10). Children 12 and under $7 (Matinee $5)
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Director’s Vision:  This production of Midsummer Night’s Dream takes place during the 1930s depression in New York City’s Central Park.  The Duke is actually a Mob Boss, Egeus a less powerful Mob Boss, the lovers are privileged children of Mob Bosses, Oberon is a failed gambler who is now living in a shanty town in Central Park and Titania is a former star of the stage who cannot get work and is also living in Central Park.  The young lovers, to be played by teenagers, Hermia, Lysander, Helena and Demetrius run away from the watchful eyes of the Mob Boss’ Henchman and go into Central Park moving through the shanty town trying to hide their identities.  There, amid shelters made of found objects, they are mystified by Oberon’s fairies as the long night transforms to day.

Play Synopsis:  A hilarious comedy by Shakespeare with love triangles, intrigue, enchantments, and more. Watch for more to be provided.

Community Support: As with every non-profit community theater, we depend on the support of individuals, groups, and corporations.  As a donor you will help us to continue our tradition of bringing the performing arts to Prince William County.  Our Castaways Contributors are listed in our programs and on our web site for the season to acknowledge their patronage. Contributors who wish to remain anonymous are listed as Confidential Contributors. Your contribution is tax deductible. For your records our tax number is as follows: 54-1238782.  For more detasils look under the “Help out/Support us” tab above.

The Castaways Repertory Theatre is a non-profit organization affiliated with the NVTA, WATCH and partial funding has been provided by Prince William County

Date published: September 7, 2014