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In the community since 1981 — Castaways celebrates and starts our 40th season.
Actors are real people.

The  actors are at hand;
and, by their show,
You shall know all . . . .
— Midsummer-Night’s Dream V, 1, 116


 On Dec 12th and 13th, The Town of Occoquan and Castaways presented a reading of A Christmas Carol.


This Jan 14, 2021 notice supersedes any mailings or other Castaways’ publicity notices.

Thank you for visiting our Website. Unfortunately we have no new developments for upcoming plays.

In compliance with Virginia State and Prince William Country (PWC) restrictions, the Castaways productions have been cancelled or rescheduled for later dates.

If you would like to remotely attend our first-Tuesday-of-each-month Steering Committee Meeting, we are now using Google Meetups.
Meeting ID: meet.google.com/scb-gvwn-bne
Phone number: 304-833-9145
PIN: 762 893 573#

Our access to the Ferlazzo Building auditorium has not yet been scheduled by PWC for 2021.

Tom Sawyer was originally scheduled for April 2020. We are investigating to see if it can be rescheduled to Winter or Spring 2021.

The production dates for Cinderella have been moved to Spring 2021.

The Little Women production we had scheduled for Fall 2020 will likely be rescheduled for Fall 2021 or January 2022.

Castaways rents 9′ X 12′ storage spaces for our stage props and 4′ X 8′ set wall pieces. With no revenue coming in, we are hoping to reduce our rental costs. If you are willing to donate storage space, please contact the Webmaster at the bottom of the Home Page.

Please frequent and review this Website and our Facebook page for updates.


2021 Youth Theater

The Adventures of

Director Jennifer Hargis

Email to: tomsawyerdirector@castawaystheatre.org

The production is cast.

Mainstage* Performances:  To Be Announced for 2021 when the Ferlazzo auditorium is available.

Please make reservations at 703-232-1710


General admission tickets are available at the door.


Tom Sawyer is a family-friendly* adventure of a young boy growing up in a Midwest town on the Mississippi River in the 1850’s. This adaptation of Mark Twain’s classic follows Tom through his mischievous escapades and is full of fun, suspense, and young love.
(*Although family-friendly, there is an evening graveyard scene where Doc Robinson is killed that may be scary for young children)

Note: The play is not a musical, but will incorporate a chorus and original music by Amanda Long.

Character list (See Current Cast and Crew page under Productions, Current Season):
Tom Sawyer – 12-year-old, Adventurous boy, always getting into trouble
Huckleberry Finn – 14-year-old who fends for himself and Tom’s friend
Joe Harper – Tom’s best friend
Aunt Polly – Tom’s kind but stern aunt
Widder Douglas – A kind, rich, old woman who takes an interest in Huck’s welfare
Becky Thatcher – The new girl in town who Tom is smitten with
Amy Lawrence – In love with Tom, Tom’s girlfriend before Becky arrives
Mary – Tom’s kindhearted cousin, about 16 years old
Sid Sawyer – Tom’s half-brother. An insufferable goody-goody tattletale
Mr. Dobbins – The school teacher who wanted to be a doctor
Doc Robinson- The town doctor and man murdered by Injun Joe
Muff Potter – The town drunk with a good heart
Injun Joe – The villain
Judge Thatcher – Becky Thatcher’s uncle, an old judge who just moved to Missouri
Mr. Thatcher – Becky Thatcher’s father and an attorney who just moved to town
Mrs. Thatcher – Becky and Jeff Thatcher’s mother
Jeff Thatcher – Becky Thatcher’s brother, a tough little scrapper
Alfred Temple- School boy Benjamin Rogers – School boy
Billy Fisher – School boy
William – School boy and aspiring writer
Clyde Albright – School boy
Elmer Hawkins – School boy
Suzy Harper – Joe’s sister and School girl
Kitty – School girl
Belle – School girl
Rachel – School girl
Gracie Miller – School girl
Sally Rogers – School girl
Laura Hawkins – School girl
Sarah Jones – School girl
Millie – 16-year-old best friend of Mary
Mrs. Harper – Joe and Suzy Harper’s mother
Rosie Brown – Reporter, new to the town
Constance Peters – Sunday school teacher
Blanche Davis – Sunday school teacher who is sweet on the Sheriff
Mildred – Local woman
Mable Banks – Local woman
Beatrice – Local woman
Elsie – Local woman
Mrs. Landry – local woman
Minister – Town’s preacher
Lewis Granger – Store owner
Floyd Brewster – Local man
Mr. Hunter – Local farmer & defense attorney
Sheriff – Town’s law man


Cinderella has been moved to Spring 2021


* the Dr. A.J. Ferlazzo Building auditorium, 15941 Donald Curtis Drive, Woodbridge, VA 22191


If you have any questions or would like to volunteer and help out in any capacity (training is available), please email CRT at info@castawaystheatre.org or call the Castaways number 703-232-1710.

*Ferlazzo Mainstage Location Map and Directions: Please see “Directions” under the “Productions” tab above.


This local community theater is known for such productions as Fiddler on the Roof, Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest, The Great Gatsby, Oliver Twist, Pride and Prejudice, Godspell, My Fair Lady, The Miracle Worker, South Pacific, Hello Dolly, Raisin In The Sun, The Music Man, the Neil Simon comedy Barefoot in the Park, and Shakespeare’s Macbeth, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Taming of the Shrew, and Romeo and Juliet.


Community Support: As with every non-profit community theater, we depend on the support of individuals, groups, and corporations.  As a donor you will help us to continue our tradition of bringing the performing arts to Prince William County.  Our Castaways Contributors are listed in our programs and on our web site for the season to acknowledge their patronage. Contributors who wish to remain anonymous are listed as Confidential Contributors. Your contribution is tax deductible. For your records our tax number is as follows: 54-1238782.  For more details look under the “Help out/Support us” tab above.

The Castaways Repertory Theatre is a non-profit community theater organization, as such there is no pay involved. CRT is  a member of the Prince William Arts Council, Prince William Chamber of Commerce, NVTA (formerly the Northern Virginia Theatre Alliance) and WATCH (Washington Area Theatre Community Honors). Partial funding has been provided by Prince William County.

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Date published: January 14, 2021